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Staffing and Event Leader (See description for hourly rates)

The secret to a successful event!

Hiring our professional event activity leaders can make all the difference to your special event. Here are three great examples of how this will help your event.

1. You and your guests will get the most value from the games you hire.

2. Less stress for you as we will bring the equipment, set up and start on time, every time.

3. No need to fuss about packing up, looking for missing pieces or worrying about broken games, our event leaders will take on this responsibility from you.

When you select event staff, this hourly rate includes delivery! So be sure to select the free pick up option when checking out.

Please be sure to include 30min set up time and 30min pack up time when choosing the quantity of hours below. If your event runs 3 hours, select 4. We will be in contact with you to confirm details.

Rent from $80.00 + GST

Total: $ ( days)
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