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Finska (Finish target throwing game)

  • Age Suitability: 6+
  • Participation: individuals or teams; adults can guide the younger ones
  • Activity Level: low

Finska is a unique fun outdoor game from Europe and is ideal for garden games, beach games, bbq parties, picnics, schools, garden fetes and those quiet days lazing in the garden or on the beach. It can be enjoyed as a family and friends game and is versatile enough to be played on grass, sand or gravel. Finska quickly becomes a central feature of outdoor gatherings, parties and bbq’s. Finska appeals to everyone from young children and the elderly to the ultra competitive beach game or bbq crowd.

Game is made from birch wood and contains:

  • 12 Numbered Target Pinsbatons – 55mm * 150mm
  • 1 Finska (Throwing Baton) – 55mm * 240mm
  • Pine Carry and Storage Box with handles
  • Full instructions
  • Weight 4kgs.

Finska is a fun outdoor game for adults and children but is also educational as it incorporates mathematic and P.E concepts. The Finska team of educational specialists have developed some great lesson ideas that further explore the use of finska.

1) The original game of finska teachers concepts of totals, addition and subtraction and develops hand-eye co-ordination. Strategic thought process is also developed.

2) Using a relay format, teams race to bring back pins that:

* are in numeric order
* prime numbers
* difference of two numbers

3) Use stop watches to time racing activities.
4) Bring back eg, 3 numbers that make 30, or 4 numbers that make 21 using one of the basic operations.
5) Fraction relays.
6) Teacher calls out a fraction and student must fetch the numbers that represent an equivalent fraction.
7) It is possible to use beanbags with younger children instead of the finska wooden throwing pin.

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