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Corn Hole Toss Game

Corn Hole is a target throwing games suitable for the whole family. Consisting of two corn hole boards, 8 bean sacks. Essentially the games is played by tossing your 4 bean sack on or in the hole of the opponents corn hole board. Corn hole can be played one v one or in teams – two v two. Of course more players can be in a team if you wish.

This games is played and scored with one person or team tossing their 4 bean sacks in an effort to land them on the board or in the hole! Scoring one (1) point if you land a bean sack on the board and three (3) points if you land or if a bean sack is bushed in the hole. Taking alternate turns, after each round the player or team will score that round and collect their bean sacks to continue till the games is over.

Winner of the games is when a team reaches or exceeds 21 points.  If a player oversteps the foul line or bean sack does not land on or in the board, no points are scored for that throw.

Below are the official adult and junior game dimensions for your consideration but please play to the area size you have available and good luck!

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