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4 Team Tug of War Rope

Tug of war is great for just about any event, from a teenagers birthday party, family fun day or that corporate team challenge day.

  • Age Suitability: approx. 12+
  • Participation: team; adults and teenagers
  • Activity Level: High

4 Way Team Tug of War Rope

It does not get any more exciting than Tug of War, but take it up a level with 4 teams and play 4 way team tug of war.

Made from high specification 2.5cm diameter manila rope this product adds a whole new dimension to traditional tug-of-war competitions.

Each of the 4 legs measures approx 6m with the centre professionally bound to take the tention.

Young children are not advised to use the rope, soft hands can rope burn easily and little ones may injure in a fall.


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