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4 Person Team Walkers

  • Age Suitability: 8+
  • Participation: teams of 4; adults can guide younger ones
  • Activity Level: medium to high

4 Person Team Walkers

These 4 person walkers are great for promoting team cooperation and coordination. Hire two sets and have races! Guaranteed too provide heaps of fun for most ages.

We have indoor and outdoor sets available. Foam bottoms prevent slipping indoors and out. Perfectly safe, with loose straps to help secure feet and prevent twisted ankles. The walkers sit only 1.5cm off the ground, so beginners and younger users won’t get hurt. Handles adjust in height to suit the individual.


All persons must raise the same foot and pull up on the rope on the same side as the foot they are raising to keep the Team Walkers against their foot as they raise it (like an extension of their foot)


All participants must move together requiring complete co-operation with each other.


All participants must talk, listen, read and send body language so that they will be able to walk together.

Remember, the only way to Team Walk is to co-operate!

Rent from $35.00 + GST

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