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Kubb (Swedish target toss game)

  • Age Suitability: 8+
  • Participation: individuals; adults can guide the younger ones
  • Activity Level: low

This superb throwing game from Sweden can be played by individuals or as teams of 2 to 6 players per team. It is great for the beach, the backyard, on the grass, even in the snow.

It is a game of strategy and skill with a steady arm the best weapon!! Played on an 8m by 4m pitch it is one of the fastest growing games in Europe and America with world championships now being held annually.

Our ALL NEW high quality version of Kubb is made from birch, a hardwood known for its shock resistant qualities and sold in a natural wood finish. Features rounded corners on all pieces for a more comfortable throwing game.

Game contains:

~ 6 Throwing batons (30cm x 2.5cm)
~ 10 soldiers ( Kubbs) (15cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm)
~ 1 King (30cm x 7cm x 7cm)
~ Full instructions


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kubb is an outdoor game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. The word “Kubb” [pron. koob] means “wooden block” in the Gotland dialect of Swedish.

Kubb can be quickly described as a combination of bowling, horseshoes, and chess.

Rules vary from country to country and region to region, but the ultimate object of the game is to knock the king over before your opponent does. This, combined with the fact that there is a surprising level of strategy that can be used by players, has led some players and kubb fans to nickname the game “Viking Chess.”

Games can last for hours, and kubb can enjoyed on a variety of surfaces, from sand to concrete.

For more information on Kubb visit Wikipedia.

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